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Clean CBD: Why Avoiding Pesticides in CBD is Important

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We take pride in being a craft organic hemp grower here at THS Farm. It’s not just because it sounds good to grow organic, either. There are important reasons to strive for clean CBD, and every day we spend out on the farm is a reminder of our commitment to providing the best. Organically grown means there are no pesticides in CBD or other contaminants that may harm users.

What are the risks associated with non-organic hemp? We’ll break it down for you and explain why pesticides in CBD and other contaminants are a no-go for humans and pets.

Pesticides in CBD: Why you should avoid them

As a general rule, most people opt to avoid consuming pesticides and contaminants whenever possible. However, we also know that they are used in various contexts and sometimes the final product is free from any residue.

CBD is not like that. Hemp is extremely absorbent and pesticides added to hemp at any point in the process are likely to be in the final product. In fact, hemp is so absorbent that the plant is sometimes used to pull toxins from the ground to clean the soil.

Heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins can actually be absorbed through the plant and stored in the leaves. This clears the soil for future crops.

With that in mind, you might see why using pesticides on hemp could wreak havoc on the final product. Yet, there are still some growers who rid their plants of various pests using pesticides.

It is extremely difficult to flush pesticides off hemp plants after they’ve been added. In fact, trying to flush pesticides out can actually lead to mold and other issues. The best way to avoid the presence of pesticides in CBD is to not use them at all and choose natural alternatives.

The biggest issue with the presence of pesticides in CBD is on consumer’s health. No matter who uses CBD - whether it’s you, your dog, or even your horse - ingesting pesticide residue is not healthy. When there are pesticides in the plant, the process of concentrating plant material into CBD oil will also concentrate the pesticides. This means you won’t just be getting a potent dose of CBD oil with each drop; you may also be getting a highly concentrated dose of pesticides!

What are the health risks associated with pesticides in CBD?

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a list containing 10 pesticides safe for use in hemp. Most are considered generally safe, with 9 out of the 10 being bio-pesticides derived from nature. However, even though these are considered generally safe at low levels, there have been cases where other pesticides are used or test results show unsafe levels of certain pesticides.

What does this mean for you or your furry friends?

Well, a 2019 investigation conducted thousands of tests on 240 products and found a whopping 70% were “highly contaminated.” Contaminants included pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, lead, and arsenic. In simpler terms, a bunch of substances you don’t want to ingest.

There have been cases where tested products have been found to contain more pesticide residue than the legal limit. Even scarier, some dispensaries have even had to shut down temporarily because some products contained the pesticide bifenthrin. Bifenthrin was banned in those states for cannabis plants because it is considered carcinogenic.

Is it really dangerous to have pesticides in CBD? Most likely. Since cannabis and hemp grow in extremely similar ways, we can look at Leafly’s statement on the matter:

“Extraction techniques may more efficiently concentrate pesticides; chronic contamination of extraction equipment may lead to cross-contamination; or the trim from which concentrates are made may be more heavily contaminated than the flower sold separately.”

Whatever contaminants are in the plant are going to end up in the final product, often at much higher concentrations.

How do I stay safe?

While all of this information may be scary, there’s no reason to worry. The easiest way to avoid pesticides in CBD is to source your products from reputable growers.

At THS Farm, we don’t just grow hemp for the fun of it. We are invested in cultivating only the best plants that turn into safe, high-quality products for our customers.

Our organic growing methods mean our products are natural from the start. You don’t have to worry about what might be in your CBD and if it can hurt you. Trust THS Farm to do the work for you!

THS Farm will always be your Trusted Hemp Source.