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Organic CBD Pet Drops

CBD CBDA Pet Drops

Did you know pets can benefit from premium CBD just like humans? Whether young or old, CBD may help in supporting better health and wellness for your furry companions.

We know you want only the best for your fur babies, that’s why our CBD Pet Drops are the perfect supplement to add to your pet's health routine. Show them some CBD goodness today!


Why THS Farm?

THS Farm is a family owned and operated CBD company in Hendersonville, TN.             

From seed to customer we are committed to creating quality CBD products. We extract and manufacture in-house and use 3rd party labs to maintain transparency. Our specialty is creating products that are high in CBDa, and formulating custom dosed products. We ALWAYS promote FULL SPECTRUM CBD and all natural ingredients. 




I have been hurting since 1982, I'm on pain medicine. My daughter bought some gummies an a cream to put on my hands an my shoulder cause of arthritis that I have had for 20 years! I cannot take medicine for this because I am on blood thinner. When I started taking the gummies I could tell a difference the first day and it just got better with each new day! These products have cut my pain medication almost in half. I could not be happier and thank the kind people that make this wonderful product! And thank you Amber far being such a wonderful person and taking care of my needs! Great, great results. I would recommend this to everyone! Thank you.

- Grace B

Full Spectrum CBD

Why We Love Full-Spectrum CBD in Tennessee



Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, oh my! There are many types of CBD, and we know it can get confusing. While we know each variety of CBD has its own unique advantages, we are huge fans of full-spectrum CBD in Tennessee for many reasons.


At THS Farm, we pride ourselves on the full-spectrum CBD we produce. It’s not just about the CBD in our plants, but it’s about the other cannabinoids present that all work together to create a superior product.


Read more about what full-spectrum CBD really means.